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For many years, Glass Packaging Solutions LLC has been a leading wholesale supplier of quality European Glass Swing Top Bottles, Jars and Hermetic Storage (Bormioli Rocco Fido) Jars as Solutions to Consumers, Industrial Crafters, Packaging Specalists and Hobbiest at the lowest prices possible. All of our glass bottles and jars are made to the strictest manufacturing standards and pass a Stringent Quality Assurance Program at both the Factory and in our Warehouse before we ship out your products.


We offer competitive pricing on small quantities and wholesale pricing on large quantities of glass bottles and glass jars - swing top, latch lid, cork and screw-on mouth products.

 Our Wholesale Glass Bottles (Swing Top, Cork and Cap), Hermetic Bormioli Rocco Fido Glass Jars and Screw-on Lid Glass Jars are great for all of your Food, Drink and Storage Needs. Our Products are BPA Free, Won't Stain nor Retain Odors and doesn't leach like Plastic Bottles and Jars. 


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