T Top Synthetic Cork - #8
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T Top Synthetic Cork - #8

  • Closure is 19.5MM wide .. cap is 23MM wide tang is 13MM long
  • Fits all #8 standard cork mouth wine, oil and liquor bottles
  • Food usage approved Synthetic cork - long lasting - eco friendly

Pieces Per Case: 24
  • $8.40

Product questions

  • Francoise Peschon
    Jan 9, 2018, 07:23:32 PM

    Hi there - does this bar top fit the 3 sided 100 ml Italian bottle?
    Thank you

    Jan 9, 2018, 11:19:20 PM

    No it does not.... this is a #8 opening ..the 100ml is a #5 opening.

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Fits the following GlasPak bottles: #100625,100620,100960,100125,100375,666190,100372

Also fits 375 and 500 ml BordoCris and 375 Bordo Niagra bottles

This is a standard mouth cork - and will fit most wine, liquor and oil bottles that use a standard mouth cork.
Due to the overwhelming disease that has struck the cork trees - the bottle industry has developed an eco friendly t top cork, synthetic cork in the hopes that harvesting of the bark of the trees will be slowed down, allowing the cork trees to survive! We are proud to be now carrying one size of this "synthetic cork" ... in a T-Top style. More sizes to follow as it becomes more readily available. This size fits our #8 cork mouth bottles.