Wholesale Glass Bottles - European and American Made

These Bottles Utilize Natural and/or Sythentic Food Grade Cork or Lined Plastic "Spill Proof" caps.

Great Bottles for Storing, Preserving and Displaying: Wines, Oils, Vinegars, Limoncello, Liquors, Liqueurs Water and more! They Make Wonderful Gifts For: Holidays, Weddings, Birthdays and more!

All of our Italian and American Made Bottles are Hardened Glass that is considered the best quality available in the market today. We do not carry chinese glass which has been known to: Contain imperfections due to a lack of Quality Control and Utilize substandard glass that is thin and prone to breakage.

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    • 7 1/2 inches tall x 1 1/2 inches diameter
    • Deluxe Heavy bottom Italian glass bottle
    • Seal tight lined plastic cap included
    • 3.5 ounce (approx) usual fill - 125ML (4 ounce) Max fill - 10CL rated bottle
    • Bottles May Be Packaged in 12, 36 or 100 Pieces Depending on the Quantity Ordered
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    • Clear glass with faceted corners - decanter stlyle non drip mouth
    • Hardened glass bottle with #8 tapered cork closure included
    • 18 pcs per pack
    • Made in Italy
    • approx 4 3/4 inches tall x 2 1/2 wide 8.5 ounce (250ML) capacity
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    • Beautiful Painted Italian Glass
    • Available in 2 colors: Blue and Green
    • Includes Cork


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    • Great strengthened USA Made glass 375 ML (approx 12 ounce) bottle Deluxe Heavy Bottom - for a classic look - proudly NOW made in USA
    • Wonderful for Limoncello, Grappa, Liquer, Wine or Oil
    • Approx 12 " tall
    • Includes # 8  standard cork closure
    • second picture shows it with optional CST#8 T Top Closure available on our website.
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    Deluxe large mouth opening (no closure) is designed to allow a full bloom of fragrance stix - not designed as shipping bottle for liquid fragrance - but a beautiful and inexpensive display piece for any decor. (stix not included) 

    8 oz capacity

    $1.00 each x 24 pieces per case.

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    • 500ML / approx 16 ounce Italian glass jug
    • Heat and food safe glass
    • Made from eco friendly recycled glass
    • Includes seal tight screw cap
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    • 3 3/4 inches tall x 2 1/2 inches wide
    • Deluxe Heavy bottom Italian glass bottle
    • 3.5 ounce (approx) - 100ML
    • Natural Cork Included
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    • Light green 250ml (approx 8 oz) glass bottle
    • Includes cork closure
    • Oil, Vinegar and Other Liquid Cruet Bottle (pour spout molded into the glass)
    • Italian "Eco Friendly" Recycled Glass
  • Ottaganole Faceted 250 ml Glass Bottle
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    • 250ml / approx 8 ounce Italian Glass Bottle
    • Heat and food safe glass
    • Classic Style and very clean lines
    • Includes 31.5 mm seal tight screw cap

    Normal Price: $2.50 per Bottle. Closeout Price: $2.00 per Bottle