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Instant Noodles in a Fido Jar

There are many uses for a Bormioli Rocco Fido Jar but one I have personally done is the “Just Add Water Instant Noodle” in a 500 ml Bormioli Rocco Fido Jar

This is a great lunch that you can make in only a few minutes and only requires access to hot water to cook.

The ingredients are pretty simple:

  • A Bormioli Rocco Fido Jar (size is dependent on how much you want to eat)
  • Beef (chicken, pork or other) base – I used “Better Than Bouillon” as my base
  • A “Jerky” or other Dehydrated Protein (Beef, chicken, pork … whatever you are using as your base you will want to pair with the protein).
  • Bean Sprouts (or other sprouts)
  • Cooked noodle (I prefer Udon)
  • Scallions
  • Shiitake Mushrooms

This is a very very simple recipe to make.

First you want to precook the Udon noodles (don’t fully cook them… maybe subtract a minute or two from the recommended cook time. They will cook a little more when you add the hot water).

You will want to prepare your protein. Dehydrating your own protein will yield superior results to store bought jerky. I like to cut my jerky a little thicker than the store prepared and I don’t dehydrate it for as long so that it retains more moisture and isn’t a tough piece of leather. You can also control what flavors you add to your jerky (I like to add some Soy and Worcestershire sauce and maybe a little pepper).

After this basic prep all you do is start stacking the ingredients.

In the bottom of your Bormioli Rocco Fido Jar add a dollop (glob, spoon full, whatever measurement you want to use) of your base (In my case – Better than Bouillon). Next I like to add my noodles and sprouts. Then I add my Shiitake Mushrooms, scallions and finally my Dehydrated meat on the top.

Your basic setup should be similar to mine below.

instant noodle

Once all of that prep is done, you simply seal up the jar and take it with you. When you are ready to consume just grab some hot water, pour it into the jar and close the lid for a few minutes. The hot water should dissolve the Base and finish cooking the noodles while re-hydrating your protein.

Warning: Do not try this in an Ikea or other Chinese made jar, they have been known to crack due to the hot water causing what is called a “thermal shock” – $150 minimum wholesale site   click here – various case size orders – wholesale on multiple cases of same item  (you are here!) – small order site  click here – full pallet orders of same item click here

Fido Jars and Fermentation

Ok.. this has been a touchy subject on many blogs for a long time. There is so much mis-information about this subject – and so many warning posts I have made over the last few years have been edited for those wishing to push one agenda or another that this post is necessary here on our website.

IF you ferment – these are GREAT jars – among the strongest on the market  – but meant to have a VENT – not to self vent…  PERIOD … no arguments – no rebuttals –  I have been distributing the FIDO brand for  3 decades …. and I state for the record – they are NOT meant to “self vent” by stretching the metal rings.  I have heard so many “I always do this” and “I never heard of a jar exploding from this” …  well for the record  – there are millions of these sold a year worldwide – and I can assure you that we DO hear of the mis-use and the problems associated with using the jar in a manner it was not designed for.  These jars are made for canning – and can be used in the hot bath process – as well as stored in the fridge or freezer.  They are meant to hold , not vent,  pressure unless a vent kit is used.

So – the short and sweet of it – we LOVE to sell you this product – we love the fermentation business – but unless you choose to drill the lid and install a vent or buy a vent system (many companies offer a kit)  – you do so at your own risk, as you are using the jar in a manner it was not intended to be used.

On a final note – I have heard nonsense every place I post,  about the relationship of our company  to Pickl-it (one such supplier of vented jars and lid kits)  from people who attempt to debunk my warning above. As a few admins on those blogs point out – this is a ridiculous contention – we are a large supplier to the industry for many many years – and though we have a wonderful relationship with Pickl-it and they are a valued customer – we do not play favorites in our pricing or supply chain….. we sell the same FIDO jars to the Smithsonian Museums for usage in storing artificats – we are a business that welcomes any and all customers.

When used properly – FIDO jars (and ONLY Bormioli Rocco makes FIDO jars by the way) are a wonderful product for your fermentation and storage needs  – none better on the market.

We welcome your orders here on our website .. and happy fermenting!

Bob – $150 minimum wholesale site   click here – various case size orders – wholesale on multiple cases of same item  (you are here!) – small order site  click here – full pallet orders of same item click here

Lets talk about swing top bottle usage

HI … my name is Bob and I am the founder of … as an internet vendor and wholesale supplier to the craft, food & beverage and cosmetic industry for many years, I have noted how many people today love to make their own products. It is wonderful to hear (and get samples) of many of these – but we have also found a problem in information about what the proper type bottle to use is for various beverages.  While ALL our bottles are hardened – not ALL bottles are suitable for pressure.  The vagrancies of various formulations for everything from sparkling wines  to Apple cider fermentation , have caused misleading information out on the net.

Here are our personal recommendations :

When packing an item that may build up pressure  – and for any bottle larger than 500ML (16.8 ounce) to be used for this – we recommend using ONLY round bottles.  The tensil strength of the actual glass is the same for round or square – but the surface tension that is spread across a flat glass surface increases to unacceptable levels when you are pressure packing. A round bottle, on the other hand,  has less stress per square inch due to the structure of the round bottle itself.

We have never had a report of glass failure on the 500ML and 250ML square bottles – but have heard of some failure when  pressure packing on the 1L square bottle.  They have no problem with 2 atmospheres (like sparkling water)   – but pressure can build rapidly when you are making in house items that produce higher pressure.

The strongest of ALL our products,, and the recommendation we make for many of the pressure items are the 2 following:

#1 – truly the strongest swing top bottle on the market :  (Dalia 750ML bottle)

#2 – Another very strong bottle from one of our other suppliers  – with never a problem being reported:  (Giara 1L bottle)

Watch for our upcoming blog on the do’s and don’t of trying to use a fido hermetic jar for fermentation purposes.

thanks for reading

Bob – $150 minimum wholesale site   click here – various case size orders – wholesale on multiple cases of same item  (you are here!) – small order site  click here – full pallet orders of same item click here