Antique collectible Hazel Atlas Jars

Collectible jars - brand new in box from the 60's ....  found in old glass storage warehouse!!!

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    Antique / Collectible Hazel Atlas #703 EZ Seal "Lightening" Quart Jars
    • 1 Quart Capacity
    • latch lid canning jar made by the Hazel Atlas Company in the USA
    • Does NOT include usable gaskets (not air tight)
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    • collectible jars - 12 complete jars in sealed original case
    • does NOT include gaskets (gaskets are in a jar - but are 60 years old - so not warranted)
    • As a antique/collectible item that old - wires may show some corrosion - but are in remarkable shape from what I saw in the box I opened


    A true find for the avid collector or packer/crafter who wants a totally unique look - CLEAR jars

    Hazel Atlas EZ seal / FRUIT; jars - BRAND NEW IN SEALED FACTORY CARTON ... we found a few cartons of these collectible jars in an old glass storage warehouse unmoved since the mid 60's - totally environmentally sealed warehouse - so the jars are in great shape - the bails may show some corrosion consistant with metal that is over 50 years old .. but the ones I opened to photograph were remarkably in great shape .... though I am selling these with no gaskets .. there were a dozen in a sealed jar inside along with instructions- they were still usuable for storage - however I would recommend a new gasket for canning purposes.... 

    Any jar collector - or antique collector will realize what a find this was ! ... Hazel Atlas jars were American made canning and freezer storage jars of unsurpassed strength and quality - these jars were made prior to 1964 when the company was liquidated.

    Some comments on collectible jars from Hazel Atlas :


    Look for jars embossed with the Atlas name in raised lettering. Take note of any dates or other information on the jars. The Hazel-Atlas company was in business from 1902 to 1964. During 1940s and '50s, the company was one of the largest producers of canning jars along with competitors Ball and Kerr.


    Check the style and color. Only a few types of Atlas jars are collectible: the Atlas E-Z Seal, Atlas H over A Mason, and the Atlas Strong Shoulder Mason. Colors are usually blue-green or aqua, or clear. Beware of very strong colors which may indicate a reproduction or irradiated glass


    Look for identifying characteristics. The Atlas Strong Shoulder Mason has heavier glass below the jar neck to prevent it from cracking easily. The E-Z Seal is a lightening jar, a design which has a distinctive glass bubble lid or stopper clamped to the jar with a wire bail. The wire is permanently affixed to the neck of the jar and the bail swings up "quick as lightening" to hold the lid, hence the name.


    Check for mold seams. Early Atlas jars may show a seam below the lip. The absence of a mold seam on the lip indicates the jar was finished by hand. Workers would have hand-tooled the lip into shape after the lower part of the jar was blown into the mold. Jars made after about 1915 were completely machine-made and show mold seams across the top and down the sides.


    Run your fingers over the glass carefully to check for nicks and chips. Inspect the glass in good light to find scratches, cracks or fractures. Earlier may have distortions in the glass. Later machine-made examples are more uniform

    Skip jars marked Atlas Mason which are likely produced by a new Atlas company and not of value to collectors. Don't rely on dates printed on the jar. Many reproduction companies list the same date or model number on jars that have been produced over several decades. Vivid or unusual colors, bright wire on the bails, oddly wrapped wire and a greasy feel to the glass are all indicators of recently made or reproduction jars. Be wary if the details don't fit together to form an authentic picture.

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